Strategic Narrative

Tell everyone the story of who you are and why you exist

Why do you exist? What does your company, business, or brand do for others? Why should someone invest in you, in what you do or what you produce? These questions are not just existential ones. They are anchors that define the value you deliver to your stakeholders – whether it’s your customers, employees, investors, vendors, partners, or the press.

Because you can’t be everywhere always defining to everyone your true passion and intention, you need to create a blueprint instead – a strategic narrative that anyone who knows you can use to convey your mission, vision, values, unique selling proposition, and culture. It is a way to build a rapport, maintain open communication, and form genuine connections. Most importantly, it is a way to articulate and tell the story surrounding you, your journey, and celebrating your products and solutions.


Give a rallying cry

to get people to join your cause and spread your beliefs by developing a human image for an otherwise inanimate brand


Invite your stakeholders into a magnificent story

by wearing your values, culture, and purpose as a badge of honor and make them want to follow you to the ends of the earth


Create a common, consistent, meaningful narrative internally

that inspires your teams to go beyond the status quo by creating a sense of community where every person belongs

When to Opt for Strategic Narrative

  • when your audience hears different definitions of who you are from different people
  • when there is a narrative void surrounding your organization
  • when you are struggling for clarity – internally or externally, to pose a united front and work towards a common goal
  • when you witness a high rate of employee churn
  • when you encounter difficulties in recruiting new people
  • when there’s confusion or lack of clarity on the roles of your employees
  • when microcosms develop that have little or no alignment with the overall business strategy
  • when employees feel they are stuck in dead-end jobs and are uninspired
  • when there is white noise internally and complacency sets in

Assets I Create for Strategic Narrative

CULTURE BOOK that replaces a one-time office orientation and becomes a dynamic inspiration for all your stakeholders, both internal and external

COMPANY PROFILE and BROCHURE to streamline external communications

BRAND NARRATIVE and MANIFESTO to provide a snapshot into your “why”, “how” and “what”

BOILERPLATE to provide a high-level view of your company for media circulation

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