Storytelling Masterclass

Turn every brand advocate into a storyteller

Often the magic of marketing and selling lies not in the tactics employed to get your audience’s attention, but in the techniques. Storytelling has been around since the dawn of human civilization and continues to reap eyeballs even today for a reason – it draws in the audience’s emotions. They laugh with you, get emotional with you, feel inspired to take action immediately – all thanks to how you tell them a convincing story.

Imagine if every one of your employees could make their interactions with customers and prospects more engaging with storytelling. Weaving storytelling into business can be made a habit by learning to leverage the brain’s natural love for stories and make your marketing more effective. A bespoke storytelling masterclass, designed specifically for your employees, will help them imbibe storytelling principles in their day-to-day conversations so that they can make powerful and emotional presentations and pitches.   


Encourage a solution-focused strategy

instead of a product-focused one by inculcating a habit of telling stories that truly matter and conveys your purpose by creating an emotional bond


Drive your audience to action faster

by spinning exciting and engaging stories that are delivered by your teams at every single touchpoint


See your folks in action 

and gauge how they can leverage their unique personality, communication, and leadership skills in influencing sales


Come up with creative solutions

by letting your teams acquire a greater sense of ownership and making them a part of the overall business narrative

When to Opt for a Storytelling Masterclass

  • when too many bullet points haunt your presentation slides at customer meetings
  • when you lack an interesting technique or premise to draw in your audience
  • when your corporation feels “faceless”, like a name with no body attached to it
  • when your customers feel like you are just one of many
  • when you lack passionate brand advocates in the marketplace
  • when you are struggling to differentiate your marketing efforts as a company or an entrepreneur or a freelancer
  • when you are unable to connect with your stakeholders emotionally
  • when there is a narrative void

Storytelling Masterclasses I Deliver

90-MINUTE SESSIONS that focus on a specific outcome and covers aspects on

  • why stories are relevant for your industry 
  • how to understand your audience
  • what kind of stories will work for your audience
  • what are the fundamental techniques of business storytelling
  • how to find sources of inspiration like choosing from external and internal stories

4-WEEK STORYTELLING PROGRAM that is completely personalized for your teams, gives them room to apply what they learn and covers aspects on –

HALF-DAY STORYTELLING MASTERCLASS that provides practical tips on getting started with storytelling right away and covers aspects on

  • what storytelling can mean for your business
  • how to begin designing impactful stories with actionable exercises
  • how to deliver stories for maximum impact with actionable exercises
  • how the brain responds to emotional stories
  • how to be the guide to your hero
  • how to use a narrative to lead to a satisfying ending
  • how to create a memorable customer workshop experience to elevate your time with them

Also included, 

  • practical, collaborative brainstorming exercises to unlock the power of storytelling for your teams 
  • discovery of creative, narrative-based solutions to your customer’s problems

Discover how a storytelling masterclass can empower your teams