Sales Enablement

Ease complex buying journeys and enhance sales effectiveness

Sales enablement is a strategic, ongoing process to equip all customer-facing employees with all the marketing material they need to have a valuable conversation with prospects. 

By creating a ready-to-use sales kit, i.e., a library of resources, to educate prospects in a meaningful manner at specific points in the sales cycle, you can help buyers across a complex buying journey, especially in the B2B context. What’s more, you can empower your sales teams to be more productive and close deals faster without having to hunt through all the marketing material scattered around the organization’s folders or not knowing what is available where or having to create material for themselves on the fly. 


Eliminate friction 

encountered by sales teams on the field by mapping marketing assets to each sales stage and buyer persona


Develop a vision for sales 

including training and coaching them on how to use every content asset you develop and build a culture where they proactively use it


Create a pipeline of high-quality leads and opportunities

by making buyer interactions more meaningful and maximize sales effectiveness

When to Opt for Sales Enablement

  • when there is a misalignment between marketing and sales
  • when leads don’t move fast enough or stagnate at the top of the funnel
  • when leads exit the sales cycle early on
  • when sales find it difficult to create opportunities
  • when your sales team is overwhelmed by the availability of unorganized and conflicting marketing resources

Assets I Create for a Sales Enablement Program

SALES PLAYBOOK that documents a detailed sales strategy based on regions, target segments, or premium accounts 

CASE STUDIES to act as social proof of the excellence of your product, delivery, or value created with other customers

BATTLE CARDS that equip your sales teams with ready responses to answer the most important questions and counter objections that a prospect might have, and detail your product’s differentiators 

TRAINING VIDEOS and WEBINARS to coach your sales teams on the best marketing practices

PRODUCT/SERVICES/SOLUTION BROCHURES that highlight the need for your product, detail solution set with features, list benefits, and give a glimpse of success stories 

GUIDE FOR DEMO DAY that can be used as a cheatsheet for delivering that ultimate presentation in front of prospects

Discover what sales enablement can do for your business development and sales teams