Product Marketing

Accelerate new product adoption and penetrate new markets faster

A product (or service) is invariably a solution to a challenge – known or anticipated, or the fulfillment of an aspiration. In a marketplace that is more often than not, crowded, that too, with products from different product categories, getting someone’s attention is a chore.  

Product marketing brings together marketing, sales, product development, and support teams onto the same side of the table. They all inform one another to define, develop, and distribute a product that has a clear value proposition and is created to resolve real-world challenges and receive real-world feedback.


Offer a segment-focused value proposition 

to your target audience and optimize product launches for more effective and targeted marketing


Accelerate new market entry, product adoption, and revenue

by aligning your processes, products, and people together


Sell and scale faster

by generating consumer awareness and interest in creative ways

When to Opt for Product Marketing

  • when you are shooting in the dark with your marketing messages
  • when you are missing strategic marketing at a product level
  • when you are launching a new product
  • when you are launching in a new market
  • when your sales and support teams are not aligned with the customer’s thought process

Assets I Work on to Lead a Product Marketing Initiative

BUYER PERSONA and CUSTOMER JOURNEY for effective segmentation based on insights into customer behavior and preferences

PRODUCT COLLATERALS including product brochures, data sheets, demo scripts, user stories, and use case scenarios to articulate your messages at a granular level

MESSAGING HOUSE with the value proposition, product differentiators, USP, core messages & benefits, and proof points for targeted marketing

TRAINING MATERIALS for sales including webinars, workshops, and technical FAQs to empower the sales team

COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE to identify trends and inform your product roadmap

LANDING PAGES for the new product/market on the website

GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY for a new product or new market launch

Discover how product marketing can help you penetrate new markets faster