Pitch Decks & Proposals

Elevate your pitches to a whole new level with storytelling

Translating your vision and mission into the kind of stories that will grab a prospective client’s attention and make them want to work with you is one of the most critical, albeit challenging things to do. Your narrative should answer the prospect’s questions about who you are and tell them why they should care about the trade you are in, why your solution will work for them, and why you are a good investment.

Pitch Decks and Proposals are important storytelling devices for hooking your audience’s attention, especially after they have acknowledged that they have a problem and expressed an interest in resolving it. With a clear, logical, and powerful story, you can elevate your pitches to a whole new level. 


Increase the perceived value 

of your offering and differentiate yourself from others competing for the same business


Bring consistency and harmony 

to your differentiators across proposals and presentation by convincing prospects or investors why doing business with you is a win-win


Show the promised land 

to your audience and how you can help them get there

When to Opt for Pitch Decks & Proposals

  • when you find it challenging to articulate why a customer should choose you
  • when the value you add to prospects, partners or investors lacks clarity
  • when your documents and slides suffer from information overload
  • when there is more technical less business talk
  • when your pitch leans towards product or process highlights instead of focusing on benefits or outcomes

What I Offer for Stellar Pitches

PITCH DECKS created specifically for use with (a) investors for fundraising or (b) prospects for sales presentations 

PROPOSALS, either RFPs or unsolicited, for presenting a business case with relevant market study, differentiators, features, and outcomes of a solution 

Discover why pitch decks and proposals need storytelling