Book Writing & Editing

From ideas to a manuscript to readers

Writing a book, whether to educate, tell your story or as a form of catharsis, can be an extremely rewarding experience. My book writing and editing services are focused on helping you when you need a detailed writing plan to get your book finished, need more in-depth research to add to your material, or would like the assistance of a guide to simplify the art and craft of writing a book.

Support is currently provided only for non-fiction books.


Disseminate your ideas and experiences 

to educate and inspire others


Lead with actionable insights

those who are on the same journey as you 


Distinguish yourself 

by adding to your business’s content marketing and thought leadership efforts

When to Opt for Book Writing & Editing

  • when you are struggling to expand your ideas
  • when you are frustrated by your progress
  • when you need someone to help you with accountability
  • when too much content is holding you back
  • when you don’t have time to write your book
  • when you have a manuscript ready and need a pair of eyeballs to edit and proofread your work

How I Assist with Book Writing & Editing

STORY DEVELOPMENT for creating a comprehensive outline for your book and ensures you cover all the bases with a strong foundation of ideas and concepts

MANUSCRIPT WRITING is done using your words, your thoughts, and your voice to give you an extra helping hand and turn your rough notes into a well-defined manuscript

BUYER PERSONA to understand your target market and provide answers to the questions that bother them throughout the book

EDITING to ensure the narrative flow in the book is meaningful and well-structured as well as proofread for any typos

RESEARCH to add facts, opinions, and statistics from verified primary or secondary sources to enhance the context of your content

Discover how you can take your ideas to market in a unique form by writing a book