About Me

I started reading at the age of 2. I was making up stories for my younger brother by the time I was 5. At 11, my history teacher said, “When you grow up Sanskriti, think about pursuing a career in writing.”

So my affair with words really goes back decades and over the years I have dabbled with writing in several ways – as a poet and short story writer publishing in the college magazine, and then starting my personal blog, Fluid Reflections, in 2003.

Before I got down to the task of writing full-time, I did a few other things. I completed my undergraduate studies as an IT Engineer in 2008. In 2011, I became the alumna of IIM Calcutta, specialising in Marketing and Public Policy (I know, weird combination).

For six years after that I worked at a global financial technology firm, learning the tricks of the trade and gaining experience in content marketing, product marketing, business development and account management. Through intelligently and insightfully crafted content, I helped the line of business win major industry awards and recognitions from analysts and publications.

Finally in 2017, I quit my full-time job and became a freelance business and creative writer, marketing consultant and a storyteller.

Since then, here are some of the things I have worked on with clients that I’m most proud of.

  • editing a book for a professional productivity coach based in UK
  • starting a digital magazine for an events management agency
  • crafting content for a employee culture handbook
  • starting a storytelling studio with my best friend
  • working on content and brand strategy for clients in industries as diverse as skin care to yacht charters
  • liaising with marketing agencies based in India and UK to address their clients’ communication and marketing challenges

I now actively pursue opportunities in writing and storytelling. Crafting insightful and interesting narratives has become second nature to me. In 2018, I started an online magazine, Of Books and Bookworms that speaks about literature to literary enthusiasts.

I am also hosting a blog on storytelling, writing and marketing called Confessions on a Storyteller on this website.

If there are ways in which I can help you grow your business, establish your personal brand or even simply brainstorm about wordly matters, drop me a note! I’m available on sanskriti.n@gmail.com.