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Sanskriti Nagar

I am a storyteller on a mission – to find interesting stories, craft compelling narratives and bring them to the right audience.

My passion lies at the intersection of marketing, writing, storytelling, and the understanding of human emotions in forging strong relationships. I want to help people connect with others in interesting, informative and emotional ways. That means I want to connect – brands with their customers, publications with their readers, communities with their tribes-mates and families with their great-grandchildren.

Clients I’ve Worked With

Why A Culture Book Is The First Thing You Should Give To Your New Employees - Your people are your prime assets. How are you selling your company to them?
Personal Branding Matters – Here’s Why - To make a ripple in your industry, you will have to be your own publicist. Personal branding is the way to do just that.
12 Storytelling Mistakes Businesses Make - Something like storytelling, which should come to us naturally, becomes an act, and worse, it shows.